Debt Recovery & Management

Debt Recovery & Management

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It hurts when your customers fail to pay.

Why should you suffer the financial and emotional stress because a customer can’t or won’t pay?

With our experience in the SME sector, and our emphasis on integrated advice, it’s logical that debt recovery and management is part of our financial toolkit. Through Nexus Collections, The Peak Partnership can eliminate your debt stress with these debt recovery and accounts receivables management strategies.

Single Debt Recovery Projects

Single Debt Recovery Projects

Most businesses inevitably face customers who don’t pay their accounts on time or at all.

The choices are to write the debt off and lose income; pursue the debt yourself; commence the costly exercise of legal action – or contact The Peak Partnership’s Nexus Collections.

Whether the outstanding debt is from another business or an individual customer, we approach every situation with discretion and professionalism. Our goals for you are simple: you get paid and you keep your customer.

We assess every situation and then adopt a case-specific strategy to recover your money as quickly as possible. We look for the best approach, rather than moving straight into legal demands and litigation.

For amounts owing to your business that have gone beyond overdue, our debt recovery service could be a very sound investment to keep your cash flow in balance.

Portfolio Debtor Management

Portfolio Debtor Management

We can take care of your business’ total accounts receivable programme.

Free your administrative staff to concentrate on more productive work. We’ll also ease you of the stressful task of regularly dealing with customers about late payments (we effectively become your virtual CFO or Credit Manager).

With Portfolio Debtor Management, your customers also become better educated about their payment responsibilities – with our systematic management and communication procedures. In time, you’ll find your bad debt problems almost solve themselves – thanks to the tight, yet diplomatic, credit management controls we’ll put in place.

Portfolio Debtor Management is ideal for businesses that are in growth mode or don’t have the in-house resources and expertise to actively manage the accounts receivables ledger.

Other Debtor Services

Other Debtor Services

If you need new terms of trade or your current terms reviewed, let’s talk.

Whether it's a one-off debt recovery assignment or our full Portfolio Debtor Management program, we have the expertise across these services to help you get the payment results you want.


If your business sells goods on credit terms, you need an enforceable credit application with terms of trade contract. It doesn’t need to be a costly legal extravaganza to arrange a terms of trade contract, it makes your business look professional, and it’s your first fallback when a customer defaults on payment.

For $800 or less you could have your own credit application with terms of trade to match, along with a comprehensive Directors’ Guarantee document customised to your business. If your business is particularly complex, we’ll coordinate with our solicitors to provide a fixed-price quote to prepare robust terms of trade to meet your business’ needs.

Under the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA), the previous “retention of title” clause we all know and love is completely ineffective without properly drafted terms of trade. The PPSA has changed the way businesses transact with each other, you just can’t ignore this critical part of the process in providing credit to your customers.

Learn more about PPSA – head over to our Fact Sheets section.


For us, litigation is a last resort to recover a debt but we know that sometimes it’s the only language a difficult debtor will understand.

When it comes to legal resolution, much of the litigation process is managed in-house by our own legal support staff, and when the task calls for specialist skills, we engage our debt recovery lawyers on your behalf, Throughout the entire process we take a hands-on approach, always remaining your sole point of contact, and by keeping much of the process in house, we keep your legal cost to a minimum.


We can conduct a full on-site review of your credit procedures and debtor management policies – followed by detailed recommendations to improve this vital area of your business.

Through our Credit Policy Review, we address the following aspects of your operation:

  • existing credit terms for different customer segments
  • ratio of bad debts and write-offs
  • follow-up procedures when debts become overdue
  • division of duties and responsibilities

Once the review and recommendations are completed, you can be confident that your investment in better money management for your business is well worthwhile.


Once we’ve reviewed your accounts receivable processes and identified the benefits of a more strategic approach, you’ll quickly want to implement the new systems and get your staff on-board.

We can take you and your staff through full Credit Management Training – the logical follow-up to our Credit Policy Review

Alternatively, you can engage us to take your staff through a refresher course to make sure they stay up-to-date with the latest debt management and recovery techniques.

Training can be conducted on your business premises, ensuring minimal inconvenience and disruption to your operations. We can even tailor a training package to suit your business’ individual circumstances – emphasising those areas of debtor management your staff need to focus on.

Our Fees

Our Fees

No establishment fees, no monthly or annual fees, in fact no commission fees at all unless we collect your debt.

If you don’t get paid we don’t get paid, it really is that simple.

Our sliding scale of fees is based on a percentage of the value of the debt recovered - the larger the debt, the lower our commission fee percentage will be.


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